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Candy Gems

ASMR Crystal Candy Cubes

ASMR Crystal Candy Cubes

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Crystal Cubes

Elevate Your Shelves with Our Irresistible ASMR Crystal Candy Delights!

Kohakutou Crystal Candy is a traditional Japanese confectionery known for its unique appearance and delicate texture.

With a hard outer layer and soft jelly-like center that resembles hand-cut crystals, it's the most aesthetically pleasing afternoon treat!

This order comes in a 60g clear container with mixed flavours. 

All of our candies are vegan, gluten-free, and made in a nut free facility.

These cubes are delicately sweetened. Each column varies in its degree of softness and crunchiness; not all cubes exhibit an ultra-crisp texture.

The cubes are handmade/cut, each cube has it's own individual style and shape, and sometimes the color will vary. 


Our crystal cubes will leave a lasting impression on your guests when displayed on your dessert table. These exquisite candies are ideal for various purposes, including:

1. Enjoyable crystal confections - the perfect snack!
2. Pairing wonderfully with tea and beverages.
3. Ideal for creating captivating ASMR Candy videos, featuring tags such as Edible Gem, Kohakutou, and Edible Crystal.
4. Making for a perfect and distinctive gift option

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